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Adult Martial Art Class

Teen/Adult Martial Arts Classes in Round Rock

Age Range: 13+ |  Experience Requirement: None

This martial art class focuses on fitness and realistic self defense techniques tested through the ages and used in actual combat. The sense of camaraderie you build makes you a part of the kung fu family right away!

Do you face any of these challenges?

  • You want to be able to defend yourself or your family.
  • You struggle to be confident in your abilities & strengths and want a healthy way to decrease stress and anxiety.
  • You want to shed extra pounds and cultivate a positive body image.

How This Program Will Help You or Your Teen

Stay Healthy, Stay Fit

Engaging in martial arts provides numerous physical benefits for children. Through regular training, they develop strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance.

Protect Your Family

Participating in martial arts enhances self-awareness of surroundings and safety by teaching situational awareness, alertness, and self-defense techniques, ensuring personal safety.

Become A Master

Through skill development, goal achievement, and positive reinforcement, empowering them to face challenges with confidence and a strong sense of self-worth.

What Round Rock is Saying...

Jayne Garcia recommends Seven Star Martial Arts

via Google

I want to give a HUGE shout out for Seven Star Martial Arts (SSMA) in Round Rock. Our daughter (8 years old) has been a student there almost 5 years and in the last few months my husband & I have joined as well. As a family, we are enjoying the benefits of physical activity, friendships and community. In addition to physical fitness, my daughter has also been learning discipline, integrity, respect, team work, and more. Personally, I have dropped 2 dress sizes, have more strength, more stamina, and more energy since joining less than 6 months ago. We have made new friends who share similar goals & interests. Not only is SSMA a family oriented organization but they also give back to the community. This last October, 100% of the proceeds from their haunted house went to a local charity. We are very proud to be part of the SSMA family!

Crystal Charisse recommends Seven Star Martial Arts

via Google

7 Star is exceptional training for all ages. We have been virtual since March and the instructors have been just as engaged and precise as they are with kids in class.

Marisol Corbit recommends Seven Star Martial Arts

via Google

This place is great for teaching discipline, as well as a source of learning, exercise and FUN! I'm so glad my son is a part of Seven Star Martial Arts!

Michelle Moline recommends Seven Star Martial Arts

via Google

We were looking for an after school activity for our son that offers socialization and structure and since my husband has martial arts experience, he thought an activity like this would be perfect. After some research, including Facebook reviews and recommendations, I found Seven Star Martial Arts and thought why not. I was a bit skeptical however on how he'd relate to the instructors, not to mention the class. We were pleasantly surprised how our son's energy and enthusiasm was matched by Jeff, as well as how patient he was with him. He also seemed to get along really well with the other kids. After his 1st class, he came home excited about the next one. Looking forward to more.

Megan Lacy recommends Seven Star Martial Arts

via Google

We were introduced to Seven Star through Bluebonnet School of Cedar Park, where they offer classes. My son (4 years old) loves it, and he talks to us about the important concepts he learns like patience and focus. Jeff is simply amazing with the kids, and they adore him. My son was having so much fun with it, I decided to try classes (currently being offered via zoom due to the pandemic), and I love it too! All of the instructors I have worked with are fantastic, and they make really tough workouts enjoyable while patiently working through the forms. I highly recommend them for adults and kids!

Jimmy Dawson recommends Seven Star Martial Arts

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The instructors are fantastic with the kids. The balance of discipline and fun is perfect. Really glad we enrolled our daughter

Martial Art Classes FAQs

At what age can Teens start Martial Arts Classes?

Seven Star Martial Arts welcomes teens to start Martial Arts Classes from the age of 13. Our specialized programs cater to the unique physical and mental development needs of teenagers, ensuring a safe and constructive learning environment.

Why choose Seven Star Martial Arts for Adult Self-defense Classes?

Seven Star Martial Arts prioritizes real-world self-defense in its Adult Classes. Our experienced instructors teach practical techniques to enhance personal safety. We focus on empowering adults with the skills and confidence needed to protect themselves in various situations.

Which specific disciplines are offered for Adult Martial Arts Classes at Seven Star Martial Arts?

Seven Star Martial Arts offers a diverse range of disciplines for Adult Martial Arts Classes, including Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Karate, Judo, and more. Choose the style that aligns with your interests and fitness goals.

Why opt for Seven Star Martial Art for Adult Karate Classes in Round Rock?

Seven Star Martial Arts provides exceptional Adult Karate Classes that focus on skill development, fitness improvement, and character building. Join our community in Round Rock for top-notch Karate instruction tailored to adults of all skill levels.

Is there a trial period for new students in Seven Star Martial Arts for Adult Martial Arts Classes?

Certainly! We offer a trial period for new students at Seven Star Martial Arts. Experience our classes firsthand, meet our instructors, and discover the benefits of martial arts training before making a commitment.

Can participation in Adult Kung Fu Classes at Seven Star Martial Art cause injury?

Safety is our top priority. Our instructors at Seven Star Martial Arts emphasize proper technique and provide a structured environment to minimize the risk of injuries during Adult Kung Fu Classes. We prioritize the well-being of our students.

Do adults need to be in good shape to take Adult Judo Classes at Seven Star Martial Art?

No, adults of all fitness levels are welcome in our Adult Judo Classes. Our instructors will tailor the training to suit your current fitness level and gradually help you improve strength, flexibility, and overall fitness through Judo practice.

What attire is recommended for Adult Taekwondo Classes at Seven Star Martial Art?

For Adult Taekwondo Classes, we recommend wearing comfortable workout attire. Upon enrollment, our instructors will provide guidance on obtaining the necessary uniform and equipment to enhance your training experience.

What sets Seven Star Martial Art's Adult Martial Arts Classes apart?

Our Adult Martial Arts Classes at Seven Star Martial Arts stand out due to personalized instruction, a holistic approach to fitness, and a curriculum that combines traditional martial arts values with practical self-defense techniques. Join us for an empowering journey towards physical and mental well-being.

What makes the Adult Kung Fu Classes unique at Seven Star Martial Arts in Round Rock?

Our Adult Kung Fu Classes stand out with a perfect blend of traditional Kung Fu techniques and modern training methodologies. At Seven Star Martial Arts, you'll experience a comprehensive and engaging approach to Kung Fu that emphasizes both physical prowess and mental discipline.

Can Adult Martial Arts Classes at Seven Star Martial Arts help boost confidence and coordination skills?

Absolutely! Our Adult Martial Arts Classes are designed to enhance confidence, coordination, and overall well-being. Through structured training and supportive instruction, you'll experience personal growth in both physical and mental aspects.

Are there different intensity levels in Seven Star Martial Arts for Adult Martial Arts Classes?

Yes, Seven Star Martial Arts accommodates varying intensity levels in our Adult Martial Arts Classes. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced practitioner, our instructors adapt the training intensity to suit your capabilities and goals.

Can adults with varying fitness levels participate in Martial Arts Classes at Seven Star Martial Arts?

Absolutely. Our Adult Martial Arts Classes are inclusive and cater to individuals with varying fitness levels. Our instructors tailor workouts and techniques to accommodate everyone, ensuring a positive and supportive environment for all participants.

What makes the Adult Taekwondo Classes at Seven Star Martial Art unique in Round Rock?

Seven Star Martial Arts offers unique Adult Taekwondo Classes in Round Rock, featuring a perfect balance of traditional Taekwondo principles and modern training methods. Join us to experience a dynamic and effective approach to Taekwondo.

Are Adult Martial Arts Classes Violent at Seven Star Martial Arts?

No, our Adult Martial Arts Classes at Seven Star Martial Arts prioritize discipline, respect, and controlled techniques. We create a positive and safe environment where adults can learn self-defense skills without promoting violence.

What are the advantages of enrolling in Adult Karate Classes at Seven Star Martial Art over a regular school?

Enrolling in Adult Karate Classes at Seven Star Martial Arts offers personalized instruction, a supportive community, and a curriculum that blends traditional values with modern self-defense techniques. Experience holistic growth in both mind and body with our expert instructors.

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